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Interchange aims to provide interactive, motivational and engaging learning experiences for people in education, business and the arts.

The founder, Morag Kerr, firmly believes that continually being actively involved in learning helps us to develop greater personal confidence and resilience to cope with life in general.

We now know that our brain has the capacity to adapt and change throughout our life, it really is never too late to learn. The essence of learning is taking part in developing ourselves in some way, whether it is learning a new skill, understanding a concept or gaining an insight into what excites and interests us. The underlying principle of the courses Morag develops and delivers is that you are actively involved in learning and this will help bring about the change you want to make.

Morag has delivered workshops in Libya, Texas, Denmark and all over the UK. Her work is consistently praised by people she works with who are highly satisfied with the results.

Courses for teachers

Learning to Learn, Motivation to Learn,
Positive Classroom Management

Courses open for all

Writer's Workshop, Assertiveness Training, Motivating Myself, Presentation Skills

Morag Kerr

Morag Kerr

The courses offered are based on Morag’s many years of experience in education and business, working with young people and adults to encourage self-belief, positive goal-setting and maximising potential. Much of her work with young people has focussed on supporting young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties.