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These courses are designed for teachers in Primary, Secondary or Further Education. They are tailored to the needs of each organisation and can be delivered in flexible formats.

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Learning to Learn

The key premise of this programme is that learning is active. This means the learner has to be involved in the process, feel ownership of their own development and be aware of when and how they are progressing.

The challenge for the teacher is how to manage this and still be sure that the learners are on task and that effective learning is taking place.

Workshop Content:

  • Recognising the key elements of the learning process
  • Strategies for quickly engaging learners
  • Capturing evidence of understanding
  • Developing resilience for learning
  • Maintaining a motivational learning environment

Motivation to learn

Motivation is the fuel which drives action. Knowing how to create a motivational learning environment is critical for successful learning and teaching. This course is based on Alan McLean’s motivational framework which has been tried and tested on hundreds of learners.

You can hear Alan explain his framework on this video link.

Workshop Content:

  • Introduction to the motivational framework
  • Understanding the emotions behind the actions
  • Creating a motivational learning environment
  • Developing growth mindsets
  • Adapting your teaching style

Positive classroom management

Knowing how to spot the signs of situations which have the potential to become difficult or confrontational and defuse them is an essential skill in teaching.

Having worked with many young people with behaviour management problems, in this workshop Morag shares her experience and the techniques which she found worked well in maintaining a positive learning environment.

Workshop Content:

  • Setting the scene – taking charge of the learning environment
  • Positive perception – understanding behaviour
  • Negotiating acceptable behaviour
  • Defining your most effective teaching style
  • Staying safe and holding the boundaries
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