Morag Kerr

Morag Kerr, the founder of Interchange, is a skilled and experienced free lance trainer. Her expertise was developed over an extended career in education where she taught in Primary, Secondary and Further Education and has delivered staff development in all of these sectors.

She recently worked in collaboration with Alan McLean, author of The Motivated School and Motivating Every Learner, to transform his motivation framework into The Motivated College – a successful, practical training programme delivered, on behalf of Scotland’s Colleges, to staff and students in Further Education Colleges across Scotland.

You can hear Alan explain his framework on this video link.

Morag is skilled in delivering personal development courses focused on improving self esteem, building confidence and enhancing communication skills. A life-long learner herself, she is convinced that, by continuing to open up to new experiences and maintaining an active approach to life, we can improve our mental and physical well-being. To prove this point her personal philosophy is ‘each year to do something I have never done before’.


In January this year she spent eleven days sailing around the South Shetland Islands and the northerly tip of the Antarctica continent. She was fortunate to be able to land seven times during the trip and saw all kinds of whales, seals, a wide variety of birdlife and of course lots of penguins! Visiting one of the last remaining wilderness areas on our planet is a truly memorable and awe- inspiring experience and a humbling reminder of how small we are in the great scale of nature.